Monday, May 18, 2015

Three for One

Three for One

Hello everyone!! I apologize for the super late post, so today is a Three for One video post.

First off we have last week's "Half-Way Wednesday" Greeting Card Tutorial, which was a mermaid themed card. Funny thing was, after this was filmed I was browzing my local Dollar Tree Store and found some stickers that would have made this project much nicer, so I may be doing this project again or something Beach themed very soon. Below you will find a picture of the finished project and the attached tutorial video.

The next video was my first "Freaky Friday Vlog" were I explain some things about myself, my art, and my crafting. You can thank my Best Friend Linda for the idea.

And finally, our second "Monday Madness: Craft Tutorial" which was filmed and posted this morning features a Patriotic themed Picture Frame, in honor of the upcoming holiday of Memorial Day! Below you will find an image fallowed by the video tutorial!

Just want to send out a big thanks to all my supporters!
Keep an eye out, Half-Way Wednesday isnt to far off, I will be showing off how to make a Patriotic themed greeting card to go with that Patriotic Picture Frame!

With that,
D.L. Mannex out!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Madness : Altered Notebook

Monday Madness: Altered Notebook

Hello everyone, D.L. Mannex here with a new craft to share! 

In the last Blog Post, I mentioned that because of my new equipment, I was able to make a schedule for making tutorials and posting on all of my websites. Well, here I am!

You can tell from the title of this Blog Post what day it is and a peek of what I will be showing you today. So I will start off by making a list of the things you will need for what I consider a simple craft.

~Small Notebook 
(mine was purchased at my local Dollar Tree)
~One Sheet of 12x12 Scrapbook Paper
~Glue Stick
~Hot Glue Gun
~Lace and/or Ribbon
~Random Matching Embellishments

Below you will find a picture of my finished project and just below that I have posted the Youtube Video Tutorial I filmed of the creating process.

Hope you all enjoy the video. Please feel free to subscribe to my Youtube Channel for all my upcoming videos. I also plan to have hauls and  give-aways so stay tuned!

Love you all and Thank You all for your support!

~D.L. Mannex

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Equipment Is Here!

New Equipment Is Here!

Hello there everyone!! D.L. Mannex here with some epic news! I have finally been able to purchase all the equipment necessary to start my new Youtube Channel. The previous one was causing a hassle due to my name not matching the email address so I decided to make a new email and attach a new Youtube Channel. I also invested in a new webcam, a Logitech 920C 1080p HD. I also invested in a semi decent microphone and a 1TB external hard drive to store all my Artwork and Crafts, and the videos I post to my new channel. Below you find the links to all of my websites, some of which are new and some are the same as before.

DeviantArt: HERE

I would also like to announce that I have made a schedule in which I hope to stick to starting next week. I have decided that all of my pages will display all of my work, including Original Works of Art and Fan Art, and my Crafts. No sence in making seperate accounts for my many different hobbies. So here is the schedule I have arranged and hope to stick to starting Monday, May 11th 2015.

Weekly Goals:
Monday: "Monday Madness:Craft Tutorial"
Wednesday: "Half-Way Wednesday:Card Tutorial"
Friday: "My Freaky Friday Vlog"

Monthly Goals:
* 2 or more Drawing/Coloring Tutorial Videos: at least 2 full drawing projects displaying my use of materials and my personal tips and tricks.
* 1 Thrifty Thursday Project: at least one thrifty project in which an item purchased at my local Thrift Stores is Altered and/or Repurposed.

General Goals:
* Provide Product Reviews
*Share Haul Videos
*Answer Questions and/or Comments from Viewers
*Supply Future Giveaways

In the end I have three simple yet not so simple goals. I wish to build a steady Fan Base that I can communicate with. To Promote not only myself, but other Artists and Crafters. And maybe someday, Pursue and Bright Financial Future with my Artwork and Crafts.

I wanted to Thank You All for youre continued support! It means alot to me, and I love you all!

-D.L. Mannex

Monday, February 2, 2015

DCWV French Country Wall Decor

DCWV French Country Wall Decor

With a few Craft Fairs on the horizon, I have had to broaden my ideas to create new things, maybe even some things I have never thought of doing. I have only done Wall Decor once before and that was out of coasters from a Bar. This time I was digging through some donated supplies and came across three wooden Heart Shapes.

To give you a little information on what I did, from this point I gave each wooden shape a good layer of Gesso. I then dug out my DCWV French Country 12x12 stack and using ModPodge I adhere the paper to what would the front side of each heart. 

Some of the other things I used include; Lace and Ribbon, Pearl Beaded Trim, Paper Roses from a shopping trip in L.A., Prima Flowers, Flatback "Candy" Jems, and Glossy Accents. The result is as follows.

3 Tier Heart Decor

Heart 1 Close-Up

Heart 2 Close-Up

Heart 3 Close-Up

I was aiming for Shabby Chic but I think I may have strayed some. But I think it would perfect in a little baby girls Nursery or young girls Bedroom. I am not sure what my asking price will be yet but I have time to think it over.

Comments and Critism is welcome below in the comments section.

With Much Love,
D.L. Mannex

Saturday, January 31, 2015

News From the Front!

News From the Front!

Well actually its news from The Desert Trail, which is my local Newspaper! I am so excited that because I entered a peice into a local Art Show, I was also selected to be showcased in the The Desert Trail! Nothing like this has happened to me before so I am so very excited and intensely grateful! Below you will find two photos of the clipping!

As you can see, my artwork is displayed over my left shoulder. 

I would also like to mention that the gentleman on the left, his name is Russell Richeal II and he had 2 pieces displayed that day as well. He is very skilled in larger cross stitch pieces, painting ceramics, and crafting jewelry and paracord accessories. I will leave a link to his Facebook Art Page (here)

I have to say, because of the amazing time I had the day of the Art Show, learning more about this town and its neighbors, I have gained a little more confidence in my art work and it has pushed me forward. I have started a secret stash fund so I can persue opening my own business for my crafts and art works. I plan to start small, local vendor craft fairs, then branch out to online using Etsy and similar sites, then someday maybe owning my own Store Front. It all seems a little far away but the first step is to do something, so I did the research and I started saving to do it.

Well I believe that's it for this Entry. Hope everyone has a fantastic day! D.L. Mannex out!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Valentines Frenzy Begins!

Valentines Frenzy Begins!

Good evening everyone! D.L. Mannex back for a second night of Blogging! I have fired up Pandora Radio and I am excited to announce my Valentines Frenzy has begun! I know the Holiday of Love is still a month away but I thought I would be the perfect time to get the crafting juices flowing. What better way then to start by making some Valentines Day Cards? Well besides baking the goodies but I cant do that yet.

So today, besides running out of the room to get the pile of Laundry under control, I had time to get comfy and make two Valentines. I know that doesnt sound like alot, but if you would have seen the pile of Laundry, you'd be amazed that I was able to make two. And I still managed to dig out my DSLR and take some decent pictures to put up.

Below you will find Valentine #1. Now, for not making cards in several months, five months in fact, I was amazed that my brain put this on together. 
I pulled out a few pieces of scrap cardstock and an Ivory Card. Now, for the Sentiment, this was a first. It was a rub-on, which I have never done by the way. But as you can see, it went well. I then distressed the edges of the card with a Pastel Pink Ink. From there I hot glued the ribbon trim, followed by the pearl trim. Placing the two pink ribbon roses and floral button came next. The sentiment was then adhered to the heart shaped dollie, then the dollie adhered to the red cardstock. The final touch was the two heart stamps in the upper right corner and lower left corner. And of coarse on the back it is stamped with "Uniquely Handmade Limited Edition" along with my signature and the URL to this Blog!

As for the second card, for once in my life, I got more creative as the day went by. Firstly I was playing around with a pack of Recollections Paper Flowers, hence the beauty lower center on this card.I also had the beaded stamins which just added to the epicness. Again I started with an Ivory Card but this time I adhered a themed piece of cardstock to the front. I then hot glued the three seperate ribbons, burning my finger in the process. Oops! I then dug out the cute little pink and white cameo upper center and hot glued her down. The Sentiment was stamped on pink card stock, then the pink pearl frame was placed around. I cut around the frame and adhered it to another heart dollie. The dollie was then adhered to the center pink and white dotted ribbon. Lastly I hot glued that epic paper flower to the bottom of the dollie. And yet again, on the back it is stamped with "Uniquely Handmade Limited Edition" along with my signature and the URL to this Blog!

I would appreciate any and all feedback on these two cards, in fact I always look foward to it.

Now I here my husband watching one of my favorite TV shows! Off I go!

Sweetest Dreams,
D.L. Mannex

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Finally Back In Action!

Finally Back In Action!

Hello all of my loyal fans and fallowers, D.L. Mannex here! I am officially back! 

My husband and I are finally settled into our new home in our new town!

 I have unpacked about 75% of my Art/Craft Room, so I am pushing around some new creative energy! I am happy to report that all of my tables are set up, all me equipment is plugged in and ready to go!

I also discovered, while exploring my new city, a small Arts and Crafts Supply store! Sadly the closest Micheals, Joanns, and/or Hobby Lobby is more then 45 minutes away from my new location. So this little store and online retailers are going to be my new best friends. 
But this little store is the cutest thing and they are having their 3rd Anniversary Art Show coming up next Saturday (Jan 24th)! After talking with the owner and with some encouragement from the Husband and my other Friends and Family, I have decided to enter a piece! Which I dropped off today I am happy to say! And not only will it be featured in the show, it will also be for sale! The shop will be making 20% Commission on in, which I have no objection with because I am happily earning the other 80% if it sells! I have never tried anything like this before, but being in this new place and with art being so well recieved out here, I thought "Why not put my foot in the door?"

And there she is!

The title of the piece is "Spirit in Lights". She is an 11" x 17" beauty done with; Copic Markers, PrismaColor Pencils and Faber-Castall Polychromos, and Koi WaterColors. Oh and just a touch on White GellyRoll Gel Pen for highlights and my signature at the bottom. From Sketch to Finish, she took me about 21 hours total to complete. Oh and she is priced at $125.00 for the Art Show.

I am very excited to be part of the show and am happy to have busted out a new drawing! BUT!! I look forward to getting into crafting again very shortly. Unfortunately, until now, I have been forced to neglect my Blog, my YouTube, and my Artist FaceBook page. Now I have no reason to push out drawings and craft projects like a pro, and to film and post more tutorials on YouTube to help those interested in my type of hobbies and works!

So with all of that off my chest, I am going to go for a quick stroll with my husband, then race back to my new craft room to get creating! I want to thank you all for sticking with me and for your continued support!! Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions below! 

With love,
D.L. Mannex