Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Madness : Altered Notebook

Monday Madness: Altered Notebook

Hello everyone, D.L. Mannex here with a new craft to share! 

In the last Blog Post, I mentioned that because of my new equipment, I was able to make a schedule for making tutorials and posting on all of my websites. Well, here I am!

You can tell from the title of this Blog Post what day it is and a peek of what I will be showing you today. So I will start off by making a list of the things you will need for what I consider a simple craft.

~Small Notebook 
(mine was purchased at my local Dollar Tree)
~One Sheet of 12x12 Scrapbook Paper
~Glue Stick
~Hot Glue Gun
~Lace and/or Ribbon
~Random Matching Embellishments

Below you will find a picture of my finished project and just below that I have posted the Youtube Video Tutorial I filmed of the creating process.

Hope you all enjoy the video. Please feel free to subscribe to my Youtube Channel for all my upcoming videos. I also plan to have hauls and  give-aways so stay tuned!

Love you all and Thank You all for your support!

~D.L. Mannex

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