Saturday, January 31, 2015

News From the Front!

News From the Front!

Well actually its news from The Desert Trail, which is my local Newspaper! I am so excited that because I entered a peice into a local Art Show, I was also selected to be showcased in the The Desert Trail! Nothing like this has happened to me before so I am so very excited and intensely grateful! Below you will find two photos of the clipping!

As you can see, my artwork is displayed over my left shoulder. 

I would also like to mention that the gentleman on the left, his name is Russell Richeal II and he had 2 pieces displayed that day as well. He is very skilled in larger cross stitch pieces, painting ceramics, and crafting jewelry and paracord accessories. I will leave a link to his Facebook Art Page (here)

I have to say, because of the amazing time I had the day of the Art Show, learning more about this town and its neighbors, I have gained a little more confidence in my art work and it has pushed me forward. I have started a secret stash fund so I can persue opening my own business for my crafts and art works. I plan to start small, local vendor craft fairs, then branch out to online using Etsy and similar sites, then someday maybe owning my own Store Front. It all seems a little far away but the first step is to do something, so I did the research and I started saving to do it.

Well I believe that's it for this Entry. Hope everyone has a fantastic day! D.L. Mannex out!

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  1. Congratulations! Recognition means a lot, doesn't it?