Monday, May 18, 2015

Three for One

Three for One

Hello everyone!! I apologize for the super late post, so today is a Three for One video post.

First off we have last week's "Half-Way Wednesday" Greeting Card Tutorial, which was a mermaid themed card. Funny thing was, after this was filmed I was browzing my local Dollar Tree Store and found some stickers that would have made this project much nicer, so I may be doing this project again or something Beach themed very soon. Below you will find a picture of the finished project and the attached tutorial video.

The next video was my first "Freaky Friday Vlog" were I explain some things about myself, my art, and my crafting. You can thank my Best Friend Linda for the idea.

And finally, our second "Monday Madness: Craft Tutorial" which was filmed and posted this morning features a Patriotic themed Picture Frame, in honor of the upcoming holiday of Memorial Day! Below you will find an image fallowed by the video tutorial!

Just want to send out a big thanks to all my supporters!
Keep an eye out, Half-Way Wednesday isnt to far off, I will be showing off how to make a Patriotic themed greeting card to go with that Patriotic Picture Frame!

With that,
D.L. Mannex out!

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