Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Equipment Is Here!

New Equipment Is Here!

Hello there everyone!! D.L. Mannex here with some epic news! I have finally been able to purchase all the equipment necessary to start my new Youtube Channel. The previous one was causing a hassle due to my name not matching the email address so I decided to make a new email and attach a new Youtube Channel. I also invested in a new webcam, a Logitech 920C 1080p HD. I also invested in a semi decent microphone and a 1TB external hard drive to store all my Artwork and Crafts, and the videos I post to my new channel. Below you find the links to all of my websites, some of which are new and some are the same as before.

DeviantArt: HERE

I would also like to announce that I have made a schedule in which I hope to stick to starting next week. I have decided that all of my pages will display all of my work, including Original Works of Art and Fan Art, and my Crafts. No sence in making seperate accounts for my many different hobbies. So here is the schedule I have arranged and hope to stick to starting Monday, May 11th 2015.

Weekly Goals:
Monday: "Monday Madness:Craft Tutorial"
Wednesday: "Half-Way Wednesday:Card Tutorial"
Friday: "My Freaky Friday Vlog"

Monthly Goals:
* 2 or more Drawing/Coloring Tutorial Videos: at least 2 full drawing projects displaying my use of materials and my personal tips and tricks.
* 1 Thrifty Thursday Project: at least one thrifty project in which an item purchased at my local Thrift Stores is Altered and/or Repurposed.

General Goals:
* Provide Product Reviews
*Share Haul Videos
*Answer Questions and/or Comments from Viewers
*Supply Future Giveaways

In the end I have three simple yet not so simple goals. I wish to build a steady Fan Base that I can communicate with. To Promote not only myself, but other Artists and Crafters. And maybe someday, Pursue and Bright Financial Future with my Artwork and Crafts.

I wanted to Thank You All for youre continued support! It means alot to me, and I love you all!

-D.L. Mannex

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