Friday, January 16, 2015

Valentines Frenzy Begins!

Valentines Frenzy Begins!

Good evening everyone! D.L. Mannex back for a second night of Blogging! I have fired up Pandora Radio and I am excited to announce my Valentines Frenzy has begun! I know the Holiday of Love is still a month away but I thought I would be the perfect time to get the crafting juices flowing. What better way then to start by making some Valentines Day Cards? Well besides baking the goodies but I cant do that yet.

So today, besides running out of the room to get the pile of Laundry under control, I had time to get comfy and make two Valentines. I know that doesnt sound like alot, but if you would have seen the pile of Laundry, you'd be amazed that I was able to make two. And I still managed to dig out my DSLR and take some decent pictures to put up.

Below you will find Valentine #1. Now, for not making cards in several months, five months in fact, I was amazed that my brain put this on together. 
I pulled out a few pieces of scrap cardstock and an Ivory Card. Now, for the Sentiment, this was a first. It was a rub-on, which I have never done by the way. But as you can see, it went well. I then distressed the edges of the card with a Pastel Pink Ink. From there I hot glued the ribbon trim, followed by the pearl trim. Placing the two pink ribbon roses and floral button came next. The sentiment was then adhered to the heart shaped dollie, then the dollie adhered to the red cardstock. The final touch was the two heart stamps in the upper right corner and lower left corner. And of coarse on the back it is stamped with "Uniquely Handmade Limited Edition" along with my signature and the URL to this Blog!

As for the second card, for once in my life, I got more creative as the day went by. Firstly I was playing around with a pack of Recollections Paper Flowers, hence the beauty lower center on this card.I also had the beaded stamins which just added to the epicness. Again I started with an Ivory Card but this time I adhered a themed piece of cardstock to the front. I then hot glued the three seperate ribbons, burning my finger in the process. Oops! I then dug out the cute little pink and white cameo upper center and hot glued her down. The Sentiment was stamped on pink card stock, then the pink pearl frame was placed around. I cut around the frame and adhered it to another heart dollie. The dollie was then adhered to the center pink and white dotted ribbon. Lastly I hot glued that epic paper flower to the bottom of the dollie. And yet again, on the back it is stamped with "Uniquely Handmade Limited Edition" along with my signature and the URL to this Blog!

I would appreciate any and all feedback on these two cards, in fact I always look foward to it.

Now I here my husband watching one of my favorite TV shows! Off I go!

Sweetest Dreams,
D.L. Mannex

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