Monday, November 24, 2014

"FLOOD the streets with ART" Contribution

"FLOOD the streets with Art"

Hello everyone!! D.L. Mannex here! Long Time No Blog! I am so sorry for not being around very often but as many of you know, my Husband recently came back from being deployed for over 7 months and we are currently in the process of being restationed. I currently dont have access to any of my crafting supplies because they are all in storage until we can settle into our new home in late Jan. However, I was able to keep some of my drawing/art supplies in my hands and have been busy with my doodles and even started a series of 12 pieces for a 2016 Calendar! You can all Thank my Husband for that one!

But to get to the topic of this Blog Entry, I recently was invited to an Event on Facebook titled "FLOOD the streets with ART(Part II)" which also was a group under the same title. You can find the link to the Group HERE .

In short, it is an event that an Artist makes a piece or Art that they are willing to give away, made specifically to give away. Then on Friday November 28th, 2014, yes Black Friday, they simply drop it off in a high human traffic area, such as a store or in my case a coffee shop, in the hopes someone will pick it up and take it home. Also you make a Tag to go on it, so people passing by realize that it is free to take home.

Below you will find a picture of the piece I will be dropping!

Above is the piece I did specifically for this event. It took me 4 days from Sketch to Transfer to Finish in full Color. And I mean 4 Days, at least 12 hours a day. I used several types of supplies. The final is on 11 x 14 Smooth Bristol Paper. The beautiful Lady is done with Copic Marker, Faber-Castell PolyChromos, Gel Pen, and Sakura Pigma Micron Multi-Liners. The Background is done in cheap Watercolor Paints.

This was my first attempt with using all of these things in one piece, and my first time using Watercolors all together. I also went to my local Dollar Tree Store and bought Red Sale Tags for the Tag Option. Under Sale I wrote " FREE!!!! I'M YOURS!!!!" and on the reverse side I explained why it was free and left my contact information and a link to the Event page on Facebook, which can be found above.

For those who might want to know, I will be dropping this outside a coffee shop in my hometown of Apple Valley, Ca. I have yet to decide which coffee shop and most likely wont decide until that morning. I want it to be a spur of the moment choice, just as it will be a spur of the moment choice for who will pick it up.

I want to Thank Everyone who is taking the time to read this, and for all those who have continued in their support of me and my crazy ways of expression.

I would also like to extend my Prayers and Wishes for Everyone to have a Wonderful Thanksgiving,and a Safe Black Friday. And if I am forced to neglect my Blog for a long amount of time again, I want to extend my Prayers and Wishes for everyone to have a Safe and Very Merry Christmas!

D.L. Mannex Out!

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