Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So Close To The New Year

So Close To The New Year

Tonight is the night! I am so very excited for the New Year! New things are coming, oh boy are they coming. I have spent the last few days, in between work and planning my Wedding, have been making some hard decisions that will effect my future. But I believe it is the right path, and also a very happy path.

But enough about that. I would now like to share my first project of the New Year. Yes I know I am one day early, but I couldnt wait! I appologize in advance for the poor picture quality, I am having to use my Smartphone.

It started off as a plain paper mask I found digging through my bucket of "un-altered-items". I believe I bought it 2 years back when the Halloween Decorations went on Clearance at my local Super Target? I decided to "deco-podge" it using a sheet of Lost and Found Scrapbook Paper and Luster ModPodge. I then added pink "fancy fiber" yarn around the eye cut outs with Hot Glue, adding the small rhinestones to the corners of the eye holes shortly after. I then Hot Glued the stringed Drop Pearls around the bottom edge, and shortly after the glue dried, I used another very thin layer of Hot Glue to add the yarn to cover the obvious hot glue mess. Last but not least, for me the rhinestones along the eye cut outs just werent enough so added some to the upper corners of the mask, and around the main points of the center crown.

Shortly after doing all that work, I discovered a Pin on Pinterest which, in turn, led me to a tutorial on Youtube. Not only were they beautiful projects but it was a very clear tutorial on how to construct a Dream Catcher.

I was very inspired by one of her Dream Catchers in particular, the one the mask hanging from the bottom. That Project sparked the inspiration to attach my "experimental" project to a second project.

In an attempt to not take from the original tutorial, I will not try to explain the steps I took to make my Dream Catcher. I fallowed her steps exactly so please seek her tutorial if you decide to take on a similiar project. 

I will however tell you were my supplies to create it came from. The ring can be found at Joanns, made by Darice. The White Ribbon was from a cheapy spool from Walmart. And the Shiny Margenta String was from Micheals, found in the Clearance section sometime back.

Then to hide the string along the edges of the ring, I placed the fabric roses around the ring. These flowers were also found in the Clearance Section so sadly I dont recall the company that supplied them.

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  1. So very pretty! Can't wait to hear of your plans!!!